How to Get Free or Cheap Accommodation when Traveling

One of the greatest limitations, when someone needs to travel, is the high cost of accommodation in some of the destinations. However, there are ways you can save some money on your accommodation by getting a place to stay for free. Here are some great tips on how you will be able to access free accommodation:

  • Couch Surfing

You can choose to be a guest at a person’s house and improvise on where you can sleep, which in this case is on the couch. You will be sleeping in a safe place though you will not be as comfortable as you would be in your bed; it is a great way of cutting down the cost of travel.

  • House swapping

People who live in different states can choose to exchange their homes where one will travel and live in the other person’s house without any charges. They will be able to get free accommodation and spend the money they would have paid for accommodation in other travel adventures.

  • Working as a volunteer

There are a lot of opportunities where you will be able to volunteer to work on their projects and in exchange, you will get accommodation for free and at times food. For instance, you can choose to cook in a recreation center or a retreat, design a marketing plan, carry out some gardening or even teach in exchange for free accommodation.

  • House Sitting

There are instances when one will require having a person take care of his home and pets when he is away on business or any other engagement. This will be a great opportunity as in addition to getting free accommodation, food will also be provided. All you will do is provide the security needed for the home and in exchange, you will have free accommodation.

  • Work exchange

Work exchange is not employment in an overseas country. It is a situation where you will trade your services in exchange for free accommodation. You can choose to babysit, carry out some construction work, digging of ditches or any other task you are good in. The families you will be assisting will provide free accommodation.

  • Camping

There are various destinations where one will be allowed to set up a camp on any public land. All you will need in this situation is camping equipment like a tent and a sleeping bag. You should ensure that the camping is legally allowed in the destination you intend to travel to before embarking on the journey. Before leaving, ensure that the place you had pitched your camp is as you had found it or even better.

  • Become a travel blog writer

AS a travel blogger, you will have a lot of followers after some time and this will capture the attention of those who own large hotel establishments. They will want to invite you over to their establishments where you will get free accommodation and in exchange, you will write a blog article as a form of advertising the establishment.

You do not have to shelve your dream of traveling the world simply because you do not have adequate financing to get accommodation. There is always a way that you can get free accommodation in most of the destinations worldwide.


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A complete guide to travel to Portugal

When you are traveling to Portugal, there are a couple of things that you need to know. Things that will influence your stay in this great country. People know that this is one of the best holiday destinations to visit, but because of a lack of information, they regret their stay.  These are everything you need to know about Portugal before you start traveling to this great country.


One of the great things about Portugal is the accommodation options available. There is a variety of hotels and resorts that you can book. It varies in prices and you will find one that you can afford. Yes, there are some of the hotels and resorts that are really expensive and luxurious, but there are also some affordable options as well.

This is why you should make sure that you are going to do a bit of research before you are making your final bookings.

Food and activities

There are some great food and activity options for you in Portugal. You can find food that isn’t going to be expensive, and you are able to do some free activities if you are on a tight budget. The food is in general really delicious and there is a large variety to choose from.

The activities are also great and you can choose from free activities to activities that you need to pay a lot, to be able to visit it.


Most people find the transportation in Portugal expensive. However, this isn’t really as expensive as what you might think. Their public transportation is great, and you will be saved to use it. Not like in many other countries where public transport isn’t recommended.

There are some other, private options that you can also consider, but then you need to know that you are going to pay for that options.

Money saving tips to remember

There are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that you are saving some money. The first thing that you should do, is to never use the private taxi’s. They are a lot more expensive than public transport, and you are going to run out of money fast.

The other thing that you should remember, is that when you are eating in a restaurant and they are serving you bread before your meal, you are going to pay for it. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can just say no and they will take it away. This bread can be quite expensive at some restaurants.

Portugal is a popular tourist attraction that you can visit. But, then you need to make sure that know as much as possible before your travel starts. Especially if you are on a tight budget and you need to make sure that you not spending too much and running out of money before your travel ends.

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